Bus station is a place for intercity and international bus departures in each city. It’s important to know the location of the departure bus station, in order to travel with maximum comfort and not to be late. You can get information about its location, when you buy your ticket. It is specified in the ticket, in front of the departure and arrival cities. Clarify detailed location of the bus stop, bus station or bus terminal, using maps in the Internet.

Local and intercity bus routes are performed at the bust stations, so all passenger categories are served at the bus stations and terminals. As for regional and international coach routes, there is the same service.

Passenger bus transportation is accomplished in accord to the rules, confirmed by the standard regulations of different countries, including the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belorussia.

According to the passenger and luggage transportation rules, concerning automobile transportation, public and land transport, ‘bus station’ is an object of the transport infrastructure, which includes complex of buildings, situated in the special territory and provided passengers and carriers services, including scheduled passenger and luggage transportation.

Official bus station site usually doesn’t provide much information for the passengers, who are interested in timetable and tickets cost. You can find all this information in the booking sites. A good site allows getting information quickly and easy. It is the most preferable to plan your trip by clicking several buttons. Nowadays, you don’t need to browse tables and graphics. You just use interactive search system avtovokzalov.info for getting all necessary information and then buy tickets on the suitable bus route.

All bus station and terminals provide the same service. There are booking offices, waiting room, storage room, police office, information desk and toilet in the bus station and bus terminal. Many bus station offices have the Internet, so there is online selling of the tickets. Buying online is more convenient, rather than at the bus station offices.

There is online detailed information about the bus station of the city. You can also clarify the telephone number. If you buy or book ticket online, you find the telephone number of the station operator in the conformational e-mail. The station operator can provide additional information.


If you would like to get information, concerning:

  • Available route date
  • Luggage and additional payment regulations
  • Departure and arrival time
  • Route bus model
  • Bus route timetable
  • Available seats
  • Bus service
  • Air conditioner, kettle, personal light, wi-fi and others
  • Tickets discount for different passenger categories


Clarify this information in the site. There you can find even bus photos of each route, telephone number of the call centre and available bus tickets.

Reference information of the bus station: addresses, telephone number and location are specified in the site or on the ticket.

Mostly all trips start from the bus station, so the passenger should know how to get there. If you book the ticket in our site, we provide you a mini-map of the bus stop location. Using the route number, clarify the platform number via information service of the bus station or bus terminal.

Depending on the route, the bus departure can be from the central bus station or public regional bus station. Bus routes can be specified as transit, so the waiting time is shortened to 5-15 minutes. Bus departure from the bus station is according to the schedule. If you travel internationally, you must arrive at the bus station 30-40 minutes before departure or later, depending on the carrier and concrete route.

There is online search system, where you can find bus timetable and book a ticket. When you book the ticket, you should pay your attention to “time” column, concerning the bus departure from the bus station. Departure time of the international coaches is scheduled, so it is necessary to take into consideration the coach departure time in advance.

You can find information about available seats via the Internet. To get this information, you should choose the city and departure time in the site. Departure bus station address, travel time and ticket cost are available in the web site, and then you can choose the route and book ticket.

After receiving the e-ticket, get information about departure bus station in advance, so that you can arrive at the bus station in time. If you have international route, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before departure.

Bus and coaches depart from the platform, specified by the station operator. If there isn’t any online time table in the bus station, it is informed about the departure or you can clarify it, calling the information service.

Bus station address is shown in the list, when you choose tickets. There is also fixed price, departure and arrival time.

Have a nice trip!


Reference information, concerning bus stations in Russia


It goes without saying, that the main hub in Russia is Moscow. There is intercity bus route timetable online and many buses depart from Moscow. Booking and paying for the tickets on intercity, international and domestic European routes are performed online.

Moscow is a cosmopolitan city of the largest country in the world – the Russian Federation. There are a lot of bus stations and bus terminals. There is well developed railway transportation, but the important part of passenger transportation is provided by buses. The length of the bus routes isn’t inferior to the railways and passengers can get to some cities only by bus.

International busses more often depart from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg, having more hubs rather than other regions. The most popular routes are Moscow – Tallinn, Saint-Petersburg – Riga, Moscow – Vilnius and Moscow – Minsk. There are also preferable routes to Warsaw, Gomel, Kharkov, Mariupol, Odessa, Helsinki, Prague, Berlin and Vienna. The capital of Russia is usually the largest transport hub for getting to the smallest cities and naturally to many countries of the world. Many passengers buy tickets on buses to Moscow, despite the fact that the arrival city is Budapest, Kishinev or Kazan. Regular buses are joined into transport hub of major cities and towns, provided passenger transportation.


Reference information, concerning bus stations in Ukraine

The main bus stations of Ukraine are situated in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and Odessa, due to the fact, that they are the largest industrial and populous cities, having good geographical location. Each of them serves the group of the regions, including large cities. The regularity of the bus route timetable is according to the arrival cities. Online you can get information about regional bus routes, bus stations in Ukraine, tickets on the regular bus routes and timetable.

Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine, but also the largest hub of the country. Bila Tserkva, Chernigov, Sumy and partially Poltava are supposed to make changes in Kiev for international and intercity bus routes. The main departure/arrival destinations are Central bus terminal, Kiev-1 bus station (near railway station) and Dachnaya bus station in the west of Kiev. Many international busses mostly depart from Kiev. Kiev is also famous for its cultural heritage.

Lviv is the large transport hub to get to Poland, and also Hungary and Slovakia. Besides, Lvov is transfer point for many intercity routes.

Dnepropetrovsk is a big city in the central Ukraine, which provides routes to Zaporozhe, Krivoy Rog and others.

Kharkov has busy transport connection to Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava and Slavyansk. Buses go across Kharkov to Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Odessa connects Nikolayev, Kherson, Vinnitsa and also Moldova (mainly Kishinev) and port cities of Bulgaria, Romania and even Turkey, including Constanta, Varna, Burgas and Istanbul. Odessa is a large coastal city, which provides routes from eastern parts of Ukraine across. There are sometimes routes from Odessa to Moscow, Warsaw, Kishinev, Berlin, Bucharest, Saint-Petersburg and Sochi. So, it’s a good idea to plan your trip across Odessa.


International coaches, which depart from the bus stations and terminals, are the most cost-efficient way of travelling around Europe and CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia). You can compare the bus, train or plane ticket cost right now in the site. However, there is no information about some private low cost carriers, because they aren’t connected to the globe system. Bus tickets are usually cheaper, than train or flight tickets. Check online the cost and tickets availability in the web site avtovokzalov.info.

You can find information about international coaches in the Internet to plan your trip. There is any ticket’s combination online. Passengers can purchase tickets on international and intercity bus routes in the web site.

The difference between international and intercity buses consists not only in route, but also in peculiarities of passenger date, according to the international passport.

It is known, that travelling by bus is slower than by plane, but any mode of transport has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly you can find out differences when you travel across several transit countries.

International bus routes give unforgettable emotions and new experience. Travelling by bus is for those, who prefer to observe the life on different countries. Any plane can’t give you possibility to look at local houses or picturesque landscapes. If you go across old cities of Europe, you’ll learn more about the country and its nature. Turn on pleasant music, pour out nosy tea and enjoy charming view from the huge window, while you are travelling by bus or coach.



Regular international and intercity coaches depart from the bus station of the premium quality. There is reference information about international bus routes to CIS countries, West and East Europe on the concrete date online. You just need to choose departure and arrival city. To get information about international bus departures, it is necessary to choose several dates.

Travelling by bus is much more popular in some countries and less – in other countries. For instance, Germany can be considered an ideal country for bus trips, due to its location. However, trains are more widespread there. Regarding international routes, it is better to go from Germany to Belgium, France and Netherlands by train. However, if you travel from East Europe and Balkans to Germany, you should use bus or coach.

For example, if you need to get to Italy, it’s better to perform transfer in Milan. There is its own railway network in Italy, but the main transport from Ukraine and Poland is bus or coach.

The most popular countries are considered to be neighboring ones, so if you travel from Russia, Ukraine or Belorussia, the automobile transportation is much common. The international coaches from Ukraine mostly depart from Kiev or Lvov. Due to the fact, that Ukraine is close to the West and East Europe, many bus routes are to Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

Some regions of Russia are located near the Northern Europe, so there are a lot of routes to Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Sweden, Norway, Dania and Finland. The classic bus routes are to Belorussia and Ukraine. There are such popular countries of West Europe, as Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary and others.

International coaches are very widespread on holiday season, due to its cost-efficiency, in comparison to flights. So, train is considered to be an alternative transport to international bus.


Countries, where is the most popular international bus transportation:

Poland plays an important role of transit country for routes from East Europe to Central and West, primarily CIS countries, such as Russia, Belorussia, Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and Ukraine. Warsaw and Krakow are the largest transport hubs in Poland. However, you can change the bus in the border town, such as Rzeszow, Chelm, Lublin and others. If you go to Czech Republic or Germany, you travel pass Katowica, Opole, Wroclaw and Poznan, which have already become the tourist centers. So, Poland is very popular among tourists. You can get from Warsaw to any large European city.

Czech Republic is situated in the Central Europe and the average earnings of Czechs is lower, than in the countries of West Europe, so the buses are very popular in Czech Republic. The main departure cities are Prague, Brno, Plzen, Olomouc and Ostrava. The capital – Prague plays an important role in bus service of Czech Republic with other countries.

Ukraine has got bus service, but international coaches are cheaper, than other types of transport.

Baltic countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, have busy transport connection, but there is no railway connection with EU and also the airports are poor developed. Moreover, you can get from Vilnius to Warsaw, paying 10-20 Euros and Riga has its own airport, a national low-cost airline and it is closely connected to Vilnius and Tallinn. So, it is popular to travel by bus to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Trains go from Moscow across Vilnius. Tallinn is the farthest city of Baltic countries. There are also couches to Riga.

Slovakia isn’t large country, where international bus transportation is very widespread. You can get to Slovakia not only from Austria or Ukraine, but even from Great Britain.

Travelling by coach to Hungary and also Moldova is less popular. For example, you can get from Belorussia to Poland and Lithuania by international coach. Railway is usually used for the local transportation. Belarusians also travel to Moscow or Kiev by train rather than by coach.


Bus routes between capitals of European countries

Buses have different routes in Europe, but some of them are much more popular. The most widespread routes are Kiev – Warsaw, Kiev – Krakow, Kiev – Wroclaw and the cheapest ticket is on the route Kiev – Lublin.

The route Kiev – Moscow is also popular and cost-efficient. Besides, there are routes to Kursk, Orel and Tula.

There are a lot of routes to German cities, such as Kiev – Berlin, Kiev – Dresden, Kiev – Hamburg, Kiev – Hannover. Travelling from Moscow or Minsk to Berlin is the cheapest route.

There are a lot of routes across Poland to Prague and Colonge. The ticket on the route Kiev – Prague costs only 50 Euro.

If you travel to Belorussia, the route Kiev – Gomel is the most popular among tourists, because it the main Belorussian transport hub. The ticket on the route Moscow – Minsk costs really cheap and you can purchase it online here.

Depending on the region, there are direct routes or with transfers to Lithuania (Vilnius), Latvia (Moscow-Riga), Estonia (Tallinn), Czech Republic (Prague and Brno), Belarus (Minsk and Gomel), Russia (Moscow and Volgograd), Germany (Berlin and Hamburg), Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa and Lviv), Moldova (Moscow-Chisinau), Slovakia (Bratislava), Greece (Athens), Hungary (Budapest), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. You can clarify the bus timetable on the web page Avtovokzalov.info - about international routes.


Bus ticket is a travel document, which provides right to travel by transport, according to the regulated conditions. Generally, buses and coaches go from one bus station to another and the route consists of the list of these bus stops. You can buy bus ticket at the bus station office, booking office or online.

Selling tickets online has peculiarities. Bus e-tickets must have exact data about trip and passenger, including e-mail and phone number. Besides, you can not only buy ticket via the Internet, but also book it.

Online ticket cost is usually the same as at the booking office, but it can sometimes be cheaper in the web site. Bus e-ticket is considered to be a full ticket and it can be purchased for another person. This bus e-ticket has all data, which are necessary for boarding, according to the passenger transportation rules.

International coach e-ticket is a personal document for single use. The ticket must have name, ticket series and number, company name, which sold ticket, passenger name and surname, departure and arrival date and time, destination, cost, selling date and time.

It is very easy to book and purchase ticket online. You just need to choose destination and date. Pay for the ticket by any convenient way. Then you receive e-ticket by email.

In this case the tickets are stored in the data base of the server and printed ticket is a justification document, which can be easy recovered if you lose it.



How to find cheap bus ticket from different bus stations:

It is easy to find cheap bus tickets, rather than tickets on other transports. The tickets selling on any route always starts two months before departure. So, if you book ticket, when the sales start, you can buy the cheapest ticket. Moreover, it is important to clarify the ticket price with all discounts, which are available for children, students and senior citizen.

You also should compare the offers from different carries. It is very convenient to do online, because there are filters, according to the price, time and transfers. There isn’t necessity to go to the bus station for buying ticket. Our official site sells bus tickets on many European routes.

You just need to check the ticket cost to Moscow, Krasnodar or Nizhny Novgorod.

Bus ticket price is more permanent, in comparison to plane or train tickets. The reduced fare tickets are much cheaper. So, if you don’t buy ticket in advance, it is better to look for the necessary bus route several days before trip. It is the most cost-efficient method to travel around Europe.

Bus transportation is the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way to go abroad.

For instance, the bus ticket on the route Kiev – Moscow is three times cheaper, than third-class sleeper train and five times cheaper, than travelling by low-cost airlines. The bus ticket Moscow – Minsk cost starts from 2000 RUR and it is cheaper, than train tickets. You can get from Moscow to Gomel for 1000 RUR.

Regular route from Russia to Latvia (Moscow – Riga) is 3600 RUR and from Pskov it costs 2500 RUR.

You can get from Saint-Petersburg to Tallinn, paying 1700 RUR. However, the cheapest ticket from Moscow to Tallinn is approximately 3600 RUR.

It is easy to travel by bus from Moscow to Baltic countries. If you go to Warsaw, it will be more expensive. The ticket Moscow – Warsaw costs 4200 RUR.

You also can find cost-efficient tickets from Ukraine.

For example, the cheapest way to get to Poland is Kovel – Chelm for 115 uah. It goes without saying, than you can travel with lots of changes, but it isn’t convenient if you have luggage. It is better to pay a bit more and have comfortable trip.

The cheapest way to get to Slovakia is the coach route from Uzhgorod to Michalova bus station. The route Uzhgorod- Michalovce costs very cheap – 87 uah! The full route Uzhgorod- Kosice is 165 uah.

Some bus companies offer low-cost tickets to Belorussia and the price starts from 1450 RUR.